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Establish a Company

Establish a Company

Accounting point is one of the leading Accounting companies in Macedonia, with detailed experience in collaboration with both domestic and foreign companies. We offer full spectrum of services in Accounting, Finances, Law and Administrative services, guidance and reporting.

Who we are?

Accounting Point is the ultimate partner no matter if you are start-up or already developed company.

Our team differs from the rest, by implementing the peer to peer strategy, bringing complete devotion to each of our clients. We use the latest technology in the daily task, allowing our clients freedom of movement, quick and easy access to their daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Thus giving the management team tools to bring fast strategic decisions regarding their business.

What you need to know to establish a company in Macedonia and why?!

Macedonia has increasingly become a top investment destination in Europe, offering the lowest tax regime, full support and open access to 650 million consumers. Accounting Point is an Licensed Registration Agent for opening new companies in Macedonia. Bring your idea and let us do all the work!

As all foreign investors are granted the same rights and privileges as Macedonian nationals, they are entitled to establish and operate all types of self-owned private companies or joint-stock companies. Foreign investors are not required to obtain special permission from state-authorized institutions, other than what is customarily required by law. Under the Company Law, companies are formed as separate legal entities that operate independently and are distinct from their founders, shareholders and managers. Depending on the type, companies have their own rights, liabilities, names and registered offices. The law defines five forms of companies: General Partnership, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Company, Joint Stock Company and Limited Partnership by Shares.

Macedonia has introduced a ONE-STOP-SHOP SYSTEM that enables investors to register their businesses after 4 hours of submitting on application (in practice, it might take 1-2 business days). One can register a company in Macedonia by visiting one office, obtaining the information from a single place, and addressing one employee. This significantly reduces administrative barriers and start-up costs. For more information visit the Central Registry office ‘

In addition to the registration of all business activities as stipulated by the Company Law, some business activities must obtain additional working licenses or permits before starting their operations. For the companies operating in these fields, the registration process is followed by a licensing process with the relevant authorities covering the matter of licenses and/or permits in their respective business area.



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